Los Caminos de la Guitarra

Luis Gallo and Alfredo Lagos are two of the most acclaimed guitarists of the current Flamenco scene.

Together with percussionist Iván Mellén present “The Paths of Guitar”, an open to all public music show.

“This is the story of guitar, born in Spain, but whose nomadic spirit made it soon become the most popular instrument in the world. The guitar can be classical, modern, intellectual, wild but mostly gypsy and traveler. It can be able to adapt to any culture and be the main protagonist of any celebrations. «

The history of music is filled up with eccentric guitarists like Django Reinhard, Wes Montgomery or Paco de Lucia. We will go through their stories and adventures and share ours with the audience, because in the case of the guitar, life and art are really about the same.

“The pathway of guitar” is a flamenco guitar show, but not necessarily flamenco. It is a 90-minute journey through the history of the instrument and its great performers, a concert full of anecdotes and humor. Internationally is presented in English and German by the performers themselves.

No one better than the guitarists Alfredo Lagos and Luis Gallo, with the complicity of percussions of Ivan Mellén, to tell us this story. Three Spanish musicians that play this musical journey without artifice, from the flamenco guitar, with which the have travel and will keep on travelling many times around the globe.

Los Caminos de la Guitarra